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* Managed Services
* Fast and Secured Internet
* Affordable Voice Calls


Managed Services

Fully Managed & Monitored 24/7
Highly Secure – Fully Encrypted
Fast and Reliable Restores
Our fully managed service relieves you of all time and money consuming tasks related to backup. Passage takes care of all software and hardware updates related to managed services.


Internet Services

Fibre Optic Technology for fast Internet
Highly Secured 
No patch area on coverage
We offer both fibre optic and radio internet service to corporates and SMEs. We always ensure to give the best advice our customers on the best internet solution.


VoIP Telephony

Clear Voice calls
Low cost per minute calls
Connect to easily at a dial
VoIP Telephony service is a technology that is deployed to allow you make calls at very affordable cost.

Our Clients

These brands trust us to provide our services to them.
We understand that our services enable them to be effective
and best serve their customers.


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Off Borstal Avenue
Roman Ridge


Email: info@passageghana.com
Sales: sales@passageghana.com
Web: www.passageghana.com 
Phone: +233 50 017 3443